Beautiful bento cards for your readme

22 handcrafted social media bento cards thanks to Double Glitch's figma design and +3150 dynamic card icons using SimpleIcons.

Bento social cards playground

Dynamic cards playground


Get a handcrafted social media bento card

Use this endpoint if your social media app is supported (check if your social media logo is in the examples below).

sizesquare | wide | tallsquare
subtitlestringDetected username

Example: http://bentos.jkominovic.dev/api/v1/bento-cards?url=https://github.com/JulianKominovic/JulianKominovic&subtitle=testing&size=square&rounded=24

Dynamic icon brands as bento cards

Use this endpoint if your social media app is not supported or you want a fancy icon card. Icons are from SimpleIcons library. You can use any of the 3150+ icons available.

icon*SimpleIconsMust begin with 'si' and must be a valid icon name. Tip: you can copy the icon name from SimpleIcons website.
sizesquare | wide | tallsquare
subtitlestringCustom card subtitle
roundednumberHow rounded you want the corners to be.24

Example: https://bentos.jkominovic.dev/api/v1/generic-card?icon=siwindows&subtitle=testing&size=square&rounded=24&subtitle=testing